Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the list below for the most common questions and answers.

First, you need your business listed on Facebook with its own free business page. If you haven't already done that, follow the instructions here:

Next, add your business to our website in a single, simple step on this page.

Currently, a Facebook business page is required to be listed.

If any information on your page requires changes, first go to your Facebook business page and make the required edits there. Then go to your listing page on this website and click on 'Login' in the footer. Click 'Refresh' to update your page.

First go to your listing page and click on 'Login' in the footer. Follow the instructions on the page to remove your listing from this website. You will need access to the email account or phone number (capable of receiving text messages) listed on your Facebook business page to verify ownership.

Please use the contact form to make your report. Please provide as much information as possible, including the URL of the offending page.